The very first member of the TGB Skoot family that we turned our attention to was the 150 Voodoo, or the Big Banger as it is affectionately known. A suprising amount of power can be extracted from these engines with some simple and effective mods.

With safety being one of our primary
concerns here at City Skoots the first
course of action with the 150 was to get
rid of the stock brake pads and upgrade
them to some high performance Kevlar stoppers
Braking performance is improved significantly.
The transmission of the TGB then
needs some attention, in the shape of
some special Malossi clutch springs that
we adapt to fit the unusual TGB clutch
arrangement. A lot of testing went into
getting the right spring tensions
Rather than make the TGB engine any
noisier, we simply went inside to find
our power gains, in a combination of fuel
and ignition timing calibration. On the
dyno the TGB150 responded with 20% more
power at peak rpm, and a fair whack of
torque from initial clutch bite
For the true racing Skoot enthusiast
we even went as far as adapting a MHR
pod style air filter to the induction
tract, which doesnt add an awful lot
in the way of power, but does give a
particularly rorty induction note
Once the dyno testing and calibration
was complete it was into the hands of our
test rider 'Cornelius' who quite happily
gave the 150 a fistful of throttle to light
the hides with incredible ease. Acceleration
gain is phenomenal!
149 Gouger St Adelaide
Copyright 2004 City Skootz

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