P200 Malossi 210. Tech Tips and secrets.
Setting up a malossi Cylinder on a P200 Vespa is not just a matter of 'one off one on' and away we go, contrary to popular belief! Weve ridden a few of these incorrectly assembled engines and there's no wonder why there are so many Scooterists who speak poorly of the Malossi 210 conversion. We'll show you how city Skoots does it.It's our specialty. In standard guise they aint too interesting, but try upping the snort by over 100% and look out. This is a typical recipie for a 25hp (rear wheel) engine unit that when tuned correctly is extremely fast & reliable while still being tractable enough for everyday riding. If youre considering upgrading then let city Skoots do the job. You wont be disappointed! (usually speechless).Hmmm, where did all these fast TS1's go that we keep hearing about?

Setting up the engine case is
extremely important.We always Devcon
the existing unused transferr entries
then start from scratch. This helps raise
the case compression also while providing
a smooth feed to the transfer ports.Benefits
are 2 fold. Dont make the mistake and use
the supplied base gasket as a template. It
must be done by feel and individually matching
each case half to the Barrel. The rear port is
a weird shape. It can either be filled and recut
or reshaped completely. Here we have enlargened
it while making the corresponding mods to the
Cylinder. It benefits low to mid power delivery.
It's a lot of work but the results speak for themselves.

Opting for Reed valve induction on
most conversions requires completely
altering the case feed. There is no longer
the necessity for the valve plane used in
the original rotary induction. There's a fine
line between getting the right shape and avoiding
removing too much volume. Experience shows this
is how it ends up looking. Notice the amount of
time that has been put into matching the manifold
it is rare to see this kind of preparation
performed, but the results in performance give a
definite payoff

The Malossi Reed Valve and 30mm
Carb provide outstanding results when
matched and modified correctly. Again,
hours of work and detail. The high quality
finish is incidental of high quality workmanship.
We also use other aftermarket Reed Valve setups
marketed by some of the main UK tuning companies.
While these run larger Reed cages (and suit bigger
Carbs) and improve top end power to a degree, we
have found that the increased case volume leads
to a significant loss in mid range punch

Our previous lighter tune 210 project shows how 20 rear wheel horsepower was easily attainable. Stay tuned for a new dyno sheet for our lastest 210 combination very soon

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