Drag Racing News


Drag Racing News

Dates for 'Top Fuel Moped Knockout' are as follows....
Round 1 - Sunday May 15.
Round 2 - Sunday June 20.

Gates open at 9am. Racing at 10.

Rounds 3 through to 5 (Final) will be announced shortly when AIR finalize
their Winter/Spring schedule.
We are inviting interested participants to contact us now! The sooner the
better so we can sort out additional classes if need be and lend any
assistance in preparation and transport etc.

ROUND 1 15/5/05

This was the perfect late Autumn day! 21C, dry, sunny with a slight breeze.
If you could pay for the ideal day, this is what you would have bought.
Hopefully in the coming rounds we get a few more like today!

We were hoping for a field of 6 Skoots but ended up with only 2.
That's all it takes to race so we both geared up and passed scruitineering.
The look on the scriutineers faces was worth a Million Bucks!
"Mopeds with NITROUS OXIDE!!!"
(I hear that the commentry as we raced was just as suprised.)

Angelo's little 100cc Aerox ran a best of 19.8 @ 59MPH.
That's totally hard for it's class and his 60 foot times were very close to mine!!
He improved over the day and had a smile from ear to ear.

I managed a best of 15.41 @ 80.46mph on the Dragster which running naturally
aspirated I was very happy with considering I'm a 90kg lump! (The NOS System
was not sorted and running way too lean!!!!! Sure as hell looked good
sitting on the side of the Skoot though!)

We have a busy month sorting for the next meet.
More mods, tuning and some repairs. Hehe....

Hopefully next time we get a few more numbers which will help to establish
that Scooter Drag Racing is here!

Many thanks to Angelo and crew, and the staff at AIR for a good day.


PS - Did anyone get a pic of that stonkin' burnout I pumped?

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